What do the kids learn?

Depending on age and group constellation, classes are themed from a range of topics including:

  • Culture: typical food, songs, stories and holidays
  • Vocabulary: from activities to kitchens to seasons to zoos.
  • Phonics: A single letter (eg M, T or S), vowels, two letters (th, sh, wh, ch) and letter combinations (tch, ough)
  • Grammar: Grammar is taught at the point-of-use, for example follow up to writing/speaking activities.
  • Speaking, listening, reading and writing: there are specific activities in each class for each of these areas.


What activities do they do?

Classes use the following format, work is scaled according to age and ability:

Table time

Written language development – colouring in, vocabulary games, phonics games, worksheets, story writing and comprehension activities.

Circle time

Oral skill development – phonics games, conversation, singing, vocabulary development, character study, speeches

Story time

Aural skill development – enjoy a story read aloud, a poem or a theatrical experience

Activity time

Learning consolidation – theme-based craft, acting out a play, interactive game, singing and movement.


Do I have to buy books and CDs?

Learning and reading materials are provided.

Is there homework?

Some families want homework (eg families moving abroad, preparing for an exam) while for other families a class once a week is enough.   A little homework is encouraged, but not compulsory.

What should the kids bring?

A smile and comfortable clothing.

How long is each class?

Classes are one hour long.

Can I bring both my children to the same class even though they are not the same age?

As activities are scaled according to ability, siblings can join the same class! All children are offered scaled learning opportunities according to their age and ability. For example older children are offered different learning opportunities than their younger siblings and then at different times, for example craft, the class works together and help each other. In this way they benefit from each other.

How much does it cost?

Group classes cost CHF25/class for the first child and a 10% discount for siblings. Group lessons are billed on a term basis. One-on-one learning costs CHF60/lesson.