Classes and Courses

Mary-Kate classes include:

– phonics (pronunciation),

– vocabulary acquisition and extension,

– spelling and writing skills,

– listening and speaking skills program.

There are written, spoken and listening opportunities in every class.

Class groups are formed around age and temperament, rather than specific English language skills. This means in one class non-native speakers may sit side-by-side with native speakers who will sometimes work together (for example listening to stories and craft) and at other times on individual projects (for example age and ability appropriate writing activities).

Learn to speak, read and write naturally.

There are several opportunities to join a class in the week- the new timetable is finalised. Please be in contact with us about a organising a time that suits. Individual lessons can also be arranged now.

Level When Age group
Play and learn Mon 16.00
Wed 16.00
Beginner native+ Mon 16.00
Tues 16.00
ESL starting to read Tues 16.00
ESL Tues 16.00
Tues 17.00
beginner to intermediate
ESL Thurs 16.00 4-8
Beginner Thurs 15.00
ESL  Thurs 17.00 9-12
beginner to intermediate Thurs 17.00 9-15
Mixed ESL + native
Mixed ESL + native Mon 15.00 14+
Mixed ESL + native Wed 14.00 6-9
beginning reading & writing

ESL: English as a Second Language

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