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Workshops are fun and doable lifelong learning

My daily todo list is long. Like really long. So long in fact I rarely get to do the fun things on my list of “things I would like to learn”!

And just like eating well and exercising regularly, I know that lifelong learning and being creative  has lots of health benefits. Including being great for your mental health.

Creating in groups is a great way to connect with your community

But by the time I have done the morning round of chores in the house, prepared some lessons, finished a few translations, adjusted a presentation, taught a few classes, picked up the kids after sport and made the dinner – phew! –  there is barely enough time to sit down with a cup of tea!

The lifelong learning I am talking about is not BIG learning like another degree, computer programming or writing a book. I am talking about “fun” learning like how to crochet a granny square, an introduction to interior colour design, basic photography or practicing language conversation skills.

So while the idea of signing up to a 12 week drawing class in my head sounds like a fabulous idea, my reality is after about three weeks I know I will need to attend some meeting, nurse a sick child, help with a project and then I stop going.

And I know it is silly, but whenever I miss classes in long courses, I always feel too embarrassed to go back!

Short bursts for doable lifelong learning

If this also sounds like you, the answer might be a one-time workshop to learn a new skill in three hours. One time workshops are the perfect way to continue lifelong learning in a way that suits a busy lifestyle. The best thing about a short workshop is you can plan it your diary, defend it and then enjoy it without the stress of committing to a three month course.

And you can connect with other English speakers in our community.

For example would you like learn  how to draw and make your own gorgeous Christmas cards with Sian. Then join us for the on 8 November. Jenna can teach you how decorate royal icing cookies.

Make and send your loved ones cards like this!

The workshops are in English and all levels of speakers are welcome. We will also help you with your learning (and speaking!) by doing.

Come and create with us to continue your lifelong learning journey.

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