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Why Rugby is mainly played in English speaking countries.

Our first guest student author today is Moritz . Moritz is a great rugby fan and wanted to write about his favourite sport. Moritz worked hard on this article, investing two lessons editing and refining each and every sentence. Leave a comment to let him know what a great job he has done!


Rugby is a well-known sport in English speaking countries – but not in Switzerland. Have you ever wondered why that is?

If you’ve lived in Switzerland for your whole life, do you even know what Rugby is? Rugby is a contact team sport that originated from England. In Rugby, the two opposing teams try to get the ball behind the try-line of the other team. The try-line is a line at both ends of the field.

In Rugby there are many odd rules such as tackling is allowed but you can only pass the ball backwards unless you kick it with your feet.

Rugby is a contact sport. Photo credit: no machine-readable author provided

Where does Rugby come from?

William Webb Ellis invented Rugby in 1823. In England the game quickly became very popular and spread through Great Britain. It also spread over to France. In the 1880s, Rugby spread to then English colonies such as New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and other colonies in the Commonwealth Empire where it gained in popularity.

Why is Rugby mainly played in English speaking countries?

England was the head of the Commonwealth Empire during the time Rugby was invented. Rugby spread automatically when people moved within the Commonwealth Empire.

Now if most English-speaking countries play Rugby, why don’t they play it in America? Don’t they speak English there too? The reason is actually quite simple. Rugby was invented in 1823, 47 years after America became independent. So, the Americans probably just didn’t know about it.

Rugby is a great sport

So Rugby is played mostly in English speaking countries, but not America because it spread through the Commonwealth Empire. Even though Swiss people don’t know Rugby very well, I still think it would suit them.

Rugby is a contact sport like Ice Hockey, which is immensely popular among Swiss people and I would love Rugby to be more popular in Switzerland

Submitted by Mortiz, May 27th, 2018

Checked and posted by Maura

14 comments on ‘Why Rugby is mainly played in English speaking countries.’

  1. Kathrin Schlup says :

    wow! very interesting and beautifully written! bravo Moritz! how many ladies teams are there in Switzerland? where can I join? 🙂

    • Moritz says :

      Thanks for the comment! There are some ladies teams in Switzerland, but I don’t think there are any in Biel though. When do you have time to train??? 🙂

  2. Sandra says :

    I know someone who plays women’s rugby, I can put you in touch. Moritz, well done, very informative. Do you go to watch the Biel rugby club sometimes?

    • Moritz says :

      Thanks for reading my Blog and commenting. I do sometimes go watch the Rugby Club Biel/Bienne and I am even a Winger with the junior team! Do you ever come and watch? Moritz.

      • Sandra says :

        Not yet Moritz but one day I will…..

        • Moritz says :

          Hey Sandra
          You can look up the match dates on the Rugby Club Biel / Bienne’s Website;

  3. Michael says :

    Thanks Moritz, well written and informative. But what I want to know, why are the French so crazy about Rugby when otherwise they don’t adopt anything Anglosaxon at all?

    • Moritz says :

      Hey Michael
      I’m glad you liked my blog and for your question, its true the French don’t accept a lot of Anglosaxon things but maybe they have good taste and that’s why they like Rugby:)

  4. Bradley Jons says :

    I like your post. I learnt some things I didn’t know before. Your writing is really good. Thank you.

    • Moritz says :

      Hey Bradley
      Thanks a lot for reading my Blog and commenting on it.I’m glad you like the Blog and learnt new things.

  5. Gerry says :

    Great article Moritz. In Australia only some people follow rugby. We have our own code of football called Australian Rules. Soccer is also popular. But did you know Argentina is a strong rugby country too? And of course we can’t forget New Zealand and the pacific islands. One other interesting thing is a game we play called touch rugby. Faster than rugby and not quite so much contact because there’s no tackling just touching. Well that’s the theory anyway.

    • Moritz says :

      Hi Gerry
      Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. In fact, I actually know about Australian Rules Football but I have never watched or played according to those rules. I often play touch rugby though. I know that Argentina and New Zealand are great rugby nations but I am a Springboks fan:)

  6. Susan says :

    Interesting post Moritz. I learnt a lot, and I should have known it, being English, but somehow it had passed me by.

    • Moritz says :

      Hi Susan
      I’m glad you liked my post and thanks for commenting. Maybe you haven’t noticed rugby because you were more focused on soccer?
      Perhaps you’ll even watch rugby in the future.

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